Bill Robinson and his World of Animals

Stone Ridge Library’s Special After-School Program
Featuring Bill Robinson and his World of Animals

at Marbletown Elementary School
Wednesday, January 17,  3:45 – 4:45

The wildlife program World of Animals features live birds of prey and reptiles. This program is free to everyone.

Bill Robinson describes his program: “Birds of prey have their own unique adaptations for survival. Discussed will be the importance if these birds in the balance of nature, and how man has helped to restore endangered species such as the peregrine falcon. We walk through the audience with the birds so that everyone can get a close look and feel the wind from their wings. As for Reptiles, some adults are a little queasy about reptiles, but the students love them. Exposing young people to reptiles with an explanation of their importance in nature is a great way to avoid fears and misconceptions later in life. Reptiles have amazing and varied adaptations which makes for a lively and educational program.”

The show is open to the public. Anyone who is interested in seeing the show should up at the school AFTER the buses leave at 3:35 PM.
Visitors need to WAIT until the bus loops empty before parking at MES. Visitors will not be able to enter the school for the show until the bus loop empties.

For more information you can call 687-7023 ext. 107, or email Julianna at