CLIO’S MUSE – A History Reading Club

Wednesday, January 20, 2021
a 7pm Zoom Meeting
The January book is The Wright Brothers by David McCullough. McCullough’s biography of the Wright Brothers explores their fascination with aviation and the race to be first to create a machine capable of flight. Although the brothers lacked a college education, their mechanical skills and their fascination with birds proved useful in being the first to fly. The brothers, from Dayton,Ohio, found a place in the Kitty Hawk area of North Carolina to test their machine. Eventually the brothers found a place nearer home to continue their experiments.

Thursday, February 25
at 7pm on Zoom

The February book is Women at Work in Medieval Europe by Madeline Pelner Cosman. Women at Work in Medieval Europe is a spirited look at a slice of history rarely discussed. Medieval women worked in professions and crafts that we often think were closed to them before the modern era. A medieval historian, Dr. Christine Axen, will be a guest at our meeting. She is very well-informed; a dynamic speaker; and, very responsive to questions from the audience.

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