CLIO’S MUSE – A History Reading Club

Saturday, October 16 at 12:30 in the Library Yard (rain date for Zoom, Wed, October 20 @7pm)

We will be reading The Killer Angels, a novel of the Battle of Gettysburg by Michael Shaara. This Pulitzer Prize-winning Civil War classic is unique, sweeping, unforgettable, a dramatic re-creation of the battleground for America’s destiny. July 1863. The Confederate Army of Northern Virginia is invading the North. General Robert E. Lee has made this daring and massive move with 70,000 men in a determined effort to draw out the Union Army of the Potomac and mortally wound it. His right hand is General James Longstreet, a brooding man who is loyal to Lee but stubbornly argues against his plan. Opposing them is an unknown factor: General George Meade, who has taken command of the Army only two days before what will be perhaps the crucial battle of the Civil War.

Contact Sarah Robertson if you are not on the Clio’s Muse mailing list.

Wednesday, December 8 Zoom meeting at 7pm

We are reading Presidential Courage: Brave Leaders and How They Changed America, 1789-1989 by Michael Beschloss. The authors’ dramatic and inspiring saga explores crucial times when courageous presidents changed the history of the United States. With surprising new sources and a dazzling command of history and human character, Beschloss brings these flawed, complex men and their wives, families, friends, and foes to life as if in a gripping novel. Never have we had a more intimate, behind-the-scenes view of presidents coping with the supreme dilemmas of their lives.

Contact Sarah Robertson if you are not on the Clio’s Muse mailing list.

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