Early Bird Knitting Sale

This year we are offering something new for the Saturday Knitters’ Sale—the Early Bird Knitting Sale. Kind of a take off on curbside book delivery, but with knit goods made by our Saturday Knitters, to benefit the Library! This sale is in addition to the traditional in-house knit sale to take place after Thanksgiving.

Here’s how it works:
As of October 13, photos of the 25 knit items for sale, including the price and care instructions are posted on the Library’s Facebook page. To place an order, call or leave a message in the Library Program Office, 687-7023, #6, or email manager@stoneridgelibrary.org by November 12th, and we will hold it for you. Or…let us know your choice right on the Facebook page!

We will have everything ready in the Activity Room entrance, at the back of the Library, where you can come straight from the parking lot. We can also bring your order out to your car if you prefer. If the weather is nice, we will set up outdoors. You can pay cash or by check. We also hope to have credit card payment available for your convenience.

Friday, November 13 – 2-3 pm, Activity Room
Saturday, November 14 — 11am-1pm, Activity Room
or by appointment — 687-7023 #6

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