Fall Book Discussion Series (Zoom) — Focus on Women – Fran Sutherland, Facilitator

Artist and retired high school teacher Fran Sutherland will lead us in a three-part book discussion featuring stories about women in various times and locations, creating a rich and relevant theme for our times.
Thursday, October 22, 11 am
The Engineer’s Wife by Tracy Enerson Wood  
Set in the late 1860s, this historical fiction about Emily Warren Roebling tells the story of the educational exploration into engineering by the “Woman who built the Brooklyn Bridge.”
Thursday, November 12, 11 am
The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson 
In 1936, Nineteen-year-old Cussy Carter, known as a Bluet (last living female of the Blue People Ancestry) joins the Historical Horse Library Project of Kentucky.
Thursday, December 17, 11 am
Pachinko  by  Min Jin Lee
A young Korean girl marries a minister who brings her to 1900s Japan. The enduring questions of faith, family and female fortitude are explored by later generations living as immigrants.

Questions we will think about include, among others: 

  • Why do you think the author wrote this story?
  • How does it relate to women today?
  • What does the story tell about the value of women in the time that it was written?
  • How does the format or writing style reinforce the theme or intention of the author?
The meetings will take place on Zoom; Registration (required) is available our calendar. Fran will serve as Facilitator on the Zoom sessions with Diane DeChillo, as host on behalf of the Library. Participants may sign up for one, or all-individually, on the library website calendar. Please call Diane at 687-7023 in the Program Office if you need assistance with signing up. Group size will be limited to 12, so please reserve early. Books and audiobooks can be requested through the Mid Hudson Library System via the library’s website.
Contact Diane DeChillo if you need help signing up.
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