Julianna Reading “Half Magic,” a Chapter Book

A reading by Julianna of Half Magic by Edward Eager. This is an enchanting story about four siblings who find a magical coin. There is a problem – the coin only grants half wishes so the siblings must always wish for twice as much, which causes double the trouble. Set in the 1930’s, but just as funny today. Read with permission from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

You will have to open this with SoundCloud – easy to download.

Chapter 1 (20 min)
Chapter 2 (13 min)
Chapter 3 (37 min)
Chapter 4 – Part 1 (18 min)
Chapter 4 – Part 2 (35 min)

Chapter 5 (39min)

Chapter 6 (54 min)

Chapter 7 (30 min)


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