Watercolors: An Eclectic Collection by Jackie Oster

Art Exhibit September-October

Jacqueline Oster was born and raised in the New York City borough of Queens. A graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology she worked in the city for various advertising agencies as a Graphic Designer and Art Director. Eventually relocating to upstate New York, she raised a family and continued to work as a Freelance Graphic Designer. Over the years, from her home-based studio, she has continued to satisfy the advertising needs of many diversified tri-state area clients. During COVID she revisited her love of watercolor illustration. Her watercolors are mostly of ordinary common objects but also cover other categories bringing animals, nature and people to life on paper.

Jacqueline is an Active Member of Woodstock Artist Association and Museum as well as a member of The Arts Society of Kingston. Her work has been exhibited at local businesses and galleries including WAAM Gallery, ASK Gallery, Emerge Gallery, Jane Street Gallery, Olive Free Library, Highland Library and Cornell Creative Arts Center of Kingston. You can find her works here:

ARTIST STATEMENT: “My interest lies primarily in drawing objects. Literally every object, as I see it, can be transformed into art. Even the most mundane household object has movement and flow. You just have to look closely and think of its function to actually “see” the object. People, places and things all have a story to tell and I try to capture that in my watercolors. After sketching out my illustration I then turn to my paints. I allow the water to move the paint and I follow along guiding it with various tools and my sense of design. A hairdryer, toothbrush and magic eraser all work in unison with my assortment of brushes. In an art world overflowing with contemporary abstract form my art steps aside and brings you back to the basic art of simple illustration while adding that extra bit of abstract movement.”

You can find her works here:

Instagram: @design_watercolors
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