“Personal Dreaming” Art Workshop with Ellie Anderson, Instructor

Saturday, April 28 & Saturday, May 5, 1:00 – 3:30pm
Marbletown Community Center
For adults and teens 17 and older

Registration 4/28:  stoneridgelibrary.org/calendar
Registration 5/5: stoneridgelibrary.org/calendar
Materials Fee:  $10 per person, bring to class
Class size:  10-12 people

Create an abstract painting using ideas and techniques taken from the contemporary Australian Aboriginal desert painting tradition. Many of their symbols and ideas come from their “Creation Time,” also known as the Dream Time. In this class you will create symbols to form your own visual language. These might be an animal, flower, plant, stars, shapes of various states or countries, or other meaningful objects to symbolize your personal experience. With these symbols and the help of the instructor, you will create your own “personal dreaming,” representing aspects of your life in beautiful colors in the traditional flat “dot” style.

Materials will be provided, and students will keep their creations. Ellie will guide us step by step as we create a colorful background and a narrative, using images we select to tell our story. In the first session, we will create symbols, select color schemes and layouts. The second session will be devoted to creating the story by painting backgrounds and filling in with dots of contrasting colors.

Ellie Anderson was born in Queensland, Australia and trained as an art teacher. She taught for several years before catching the travel bug. In the late ’60s she left Australia to travel and work in England and Europe. After marrying an American and starting a family she completed a BA in Fine Art at George Mason University and taught high school art in Fairfax, Virginia.

In retirement Ellie and her husband spent 10 years back in Queensland, Australia. There she devoted her time to painting and exhibiting with a group of like-minded art enthusiasts. This focus on art and re-exploring the familiar landscape of her childhood inspired her.

“I love the challenge of interpreting my ideas on canvas and use mainly the mediums of oil, acrylic and pastel.  I especially love color, contrast and pattern making.  When you start a new canvas, you enter another world. It’s exciting, challenging and a wonderful way to spend time.”

Now living in Accord, New York Ellie continues to be inspired by the landscape, animals and colors around her. Ellie exhibited at the Stone Ridge Library last spring and summer and hosted impromptu sessions to discuss her methods and process.

For information, please contact Diane in the Program Office, 687-7023, Ext. 108 or by email manager@stoneridgelibrary.org.

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