Winter Exhibit – Fran Sutherland

The work will be on exhibit through March 21. The paintings are available for purchase, with a portion of the sale to benefit the Library.

As Albert Einstein once Said, the only thing that’s constant is change.” My life and artwork are an attempt to explore and live by this concept. Bridge structures are a symbolic subject for transition and survival and this idea has become the focus of my art.

While traveling internationally, my painting and drawing diary has always included bridges. This fascination began as a child when I rode with my grandparents over the Rip Van Winkle Bridge to their summer retreat and later when I crossed over the Tappan Zee Bridge at age seventeen to attend the College at New Paltz. Today I have witnessed many of these bridges being replace with newly engineered architectural structures, but the purpose has remained the same: to move from one place to another over a geographically challenging area. The focus of my paintings and artworks has been the bridges of the Hudson River Valley, where I have lived for most of my adult life.

My first pieces used hand cut stencils of bridges. Later, I created photo silk screen prints at the Women’s studio Workshop in Rosendale, New York. Colored was added to my acrylic bridge print paintings after I had brought a high school art class to R & F Painting in Kingston for a demonstration of paint making and encaustics. The wax reminded me of the glasswork from the Island of Murano, near Venice in Italy. The transparent quality and reflective aspect of the encaustic media created a new dimension. My maiden name also happens to be Murano.

Recently, photo screens of bridges are being collaged and painted upon The collage papers have been made from paper taken from previous paintings and photographs. They have been town and glued onto the prints, hopefully bringing the past and present into play.

Fran Sutherland

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