After Work Yoga with Laura Brown

After Work Yoga with Laura Brown

4 Wednesday Classes beginning September 20-October 11

5:30-6:30pm Marbletown Community Center


The library is thrilled to collaborate with The Town of Marbletown Parks and Rec. Dept. to offer quarterly yoga classes! Our first session starts September 20 and will be held at the Marbletown Community Center. All classes will be taught by Laura Brown and we are grateful to be working with her and the Parks and Rec. Dept. to bring these classes to our community. Participants must register for each class. To register click on the links below.

Laura loves bringing yoga into people’s lives, encouraging her students to welcome space, breath, and movement to reset their bodies and minds. This is the perfect class for the absolute beginner, the curious, the seasoned yogi and everybody in-between! All are encouraged to move at their own pace in this hour-long class.

Please be sure to bring your yoga mat and any blocks or straps if you use them. The library will have extra mats and blocks if needed. As with any exercise class, be sure to check with your doctor before starting.

Questions? Contact: Programs

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