FALL – 2020

Bees Wax Candle Craft

Candles are important during the holiday season. They represent both religious and nonspiritual winter events. Candles bring light to our families during the darkest days of winter.

This bees wax project can be used to light your holiday tradition during these winter months. Craft kits will be available to pick up the week of December 7th to go along with a recorded “How To” instructions and stories.

Register for your kit on the library Calendar. To sign up for this free Bees Wax Candle craft follow this link to our online calendar. A link to the recorded workshop will be emailed to your family.

Holidays that incorporate candles during winter months:


Diwali is an ancient Hindu tradition that takes place in the late autumn. Also called the Festival of Lights, it is a five day celebration of light over darkness and marks a time for making wishes for the coming year. Families feast and often exchange gifts. Celebrated widely throughout India, Diwali is also celebrated among Hindus throughout the United States.


Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, when a menorah is lit as a reminder of the miracle of the oil burning for eight days instead of one.

St. Lucia Day

Nordic countries have a long tradition of celebrating the Winter Solstice. Many people in Sweden, Norway and parts of Finland celebrate St. Lucia Day, a traditional festival of lights. Gingersnaps are the traditional treat for this day.


Christians use candles during Christmas services to commemorate the light of Jesus as ‘the Light of the World.’


Kwanzaa, an African-American cultural festival celebrates African-Americans and their ancestry. The central symbol of Kwanzaa is a candelabra called a kinara that holds one black, three red and three green candles. The candles are lighted in a particular order until the final day when all seven candles burn. Each candle has a special meaning.

If you have any questions let Julianna know.

Birdseed Wreath Craft

This holiday season is the season of giving. The Stone Ridge Library wants to help your children make a gift for our feathered friends this December.

A craft kit will be available to pick-up from the library to make a couple of small birdseed wreaths to hang outside. No cooking required. Kits will be available the week of December 21.

Register for your kit on the library Calendar. To sign up for this free Bird Seed Wreath craft follow this link to our online calendar

A link to the recorded workshop and storytime will be emailed to your family

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