Board of Trustees, Board Meetings

Board of Trustees

  • Ethan Plank – President
  • Victoria Schulte – Vice President
  • Judith Jones – Secretary
  • John Aubry- Treasurer
  • Rosemary Deen
  • Sarah Graves
  • Sig Hack
  • Suzanne Warren

2021 Fast Facts, click here: SRl Fast Facts 2021.docx

Stone Ridge Library Board of Trustee Meetings

These are held on the third Thursday of the month on Zoom or in the Library and are open to the public.

January 20
February 17
March 17
April 21
May 19
June 16
July 21
August 18
September 15
October 20
November 17
December – no meeting

All Board Meeting Minutes are available upon request at the Library.


Present + Zoom – John Aubry, Rosemary Deen, Jody Ford, Sig Hack, Judith Jones, Ethan Plank, Vicky Schulte, Linda Still, Lisa St. John

Meeting called to order: 4:08
1. No public comment

2.Minutes of October – Judith

  • Motion to accept October minutes made by Linda, seconded by Lisa, 1 abstention, 6 aye

3. Treasurer – John

  • Discuss and review budget
  • Motion to made holiday bonuses for staff made by John, seconded by Vicky, all aye

4. Director’s Report – Jody

  • MHLS requests all Libraries and Trustees review and vote on Free Direct Access Plan. The plan states that everyone is welcome to use Library services.
  • Motion that the SRLB approve the MHLS Free Direct Access policy made by Vicky, seconded by John, all aye
  • NYS Sexual Harassment Training – all staff and Trustees will attend
  • 2020 Fact Sheet available
  • Covid update
  • Motion that all participants in Stone Ridge Library sponsored groups are required to be vaccinated made by John, seconded by Linda, all aye
  • Thank you Volunteer Party will be held in the Community Center on December 6th at 11:00 in the Community Center

5. Buildings and Grounds – Ethan

  • Gina will repair and paint the upstairs offices
  • Plan to construct had rail for walkway from parking lot to door
  • Motion to allocate $5,000 from capital funds for painting, handrail, moving book barn made by John, seconded by Judith, all aye

6. Three Year Planning Committee – tabled until next month

7. SRL Foundation – Linda

  • Discussion of recent Foundation donations.
  • Motions to approve Stephanie Bauman to the Stone Ridge Foundation Board made by Linda, seconded by Lisa, all aye.
  • Motion to re- appoint Varcia Venetzanos as President, and Jim Hoover as Treasurer of the SRLF Board made by Ethan, seconded by Linda, all aye

Meeting adjourned: 5:20


  • December 6th – Volunteer Brunch – Marbletown Community Center – 11:00
  • December 16th – Board of Trustee meeting – 4:00 Library & Zoom
  • Month of December – High Falls Coop will ‘round-up’ purchases and the Stone Ridge Library will be the recipient



Present: John Aubry, Rosemary Deen (Zoom), Jody Ford, Sig Hack (Zoom), Judith Jones, Rob Miraldi, Ethan Plank, Linda Still (Zoom), Lisa St. John
Peggy Marble (Zoom) – SRL Foundation

Meeting called to order: 4:05

1. No public comment
2. Motion to appoint Lisa St. John to fill vacancy on the Board made by Ethan, seconded by Judith, all aye.
3. Motion to accept September minutes made by John, seconded by Rob, all aye.
4. Director’s Report – Jody

  • $38,000 Federal PPE loan through Key Bank has been forgiven.
  • Book Groups will continue to meet in person
  • Adult Programming Budget – Grants no longer available. Request will be made to the Foundation for $2,000 for adult programming
  • Motion to ask Foundation for $2,000 for adult programming for 2022 made by John, seconded by Linda, all aye
  • Alberta Davis check for $10,000 was received
  • Little Book Shop will close the end of October. It was open from June through October and took in $2,500. Children’s Books took in $1,200.
  • Food was collected for the Marbletown and Rochester Pantries
  • Knitters made $700. last Saturday for the Library

5. Annual Report – Jody

  • Motion to accept the 2020 Brochure “Annual Report to the Community” made by Ethan, seconded by Lisa, all aye.

6. Financial – John

  • Discussion of budget and fines.

7. New Library Fair Plan – Jody
Proposed plan – split the Fair into three smaller events

  • Plants – 1st Saturday in May
  • Kid’s Day – 2nd Saturday in June
  • Book Fair – 1st Saturday October, fall plants, food trucks, music

8. Energy Audit – Ethan

  • Discussed with 3 Year Planning Committee on Tuesday
  • Need clarification on some suggestions. We can implement some suggestions immediately, ie programmable thermostats, change light bulbs

9. Master Plan for Yard – Ethan

  • Discussion of stone walk way
  • Creation of outdoor meeting space
  • ADA accessibility
  • Book Barns

9. Foundation – Linda

  • Success of on-line auction – raised over $5,000. Thank you Aimee
  • SRLF would like to help with programming
  • Stone Ridge Library Foundation is “Business of the Month” at the High Falls Coop for the month of November. Donations at the coop will benefit the Library.


  • November 18 – Board of Trustee Meeting – 4:00 in Library and on Zoom

Meeting Adjourned 5:30
Meeting submitted by Judith Jones


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