Planned Giving

Stone Ridge Library Foundation (SRLF) Guide to Planned Giving

Preserving Our Heritage & Preparing for the Future

Leave a Lasting Legacy

Planned Giving is one way you can help shape the world for the next generation. Take care of your loved ones first, then support the Library, the heart of our community.

It’s easy — There are many ways to make a charitable contribution to the SRLF. Some are as easy as adding the Foundation name as a beneficiary or adding a few sentences in your will. We can provide you with sample language.

It’s affordable — Your gift of any size will help; all contributions are meaningful.

It’s powerful and inspiring — You will be making a difference. Future generations will look at your legacy with admiration and gratitude. How you wish your gift to be used and recognized is up to you.  Contact us to discuss the many possibilities.

It has tax advantages — Speak with your financial, tax, or legal advisor to learn the latest about the many tax benefits of planned gifts.

It’s revocable — If your priorities change, you can change your Bequest.

Most importantly, your gift is a statement that says who you are and what you care about. It’s one way to leave your mark.


There are Many Ways to Make a Gift

Planned giving is not always about wills and estates.  You can make your gift today with gifts of cash or other assets.  Make your gift all at once or set up a pledge payment plan. Contact us to discuss naming opportunities, endowment funds, or other ways your gift today can impact generations to come.


You can arrange to give a specific amount or a percentage of your estate through your will. Your gift will be paid out after other bequests, such as to your family, have been paid. Contact us for sample language and to discuss ways you wish the Institute to use, designate, or endow your gift.

Retirement Plans

You can name the SRLF as a full or partial beneficiary of your pension, 401K, 403B, IRA, or other retirement plan. Your plan’s administrator will provide you the beneficiary designation forms you need to make this legacy gift. Consider gifting your required distribution to the SRLF during your lifetime as well.

Life Insurance

You can name the SRLF as whole or partial beneficiary of your policy.

Living Trusts

Through a living trust you can provide for yourself and your family before and after your death. You can arrange a contribution to a living trust by naming the SRLF as a beneficiary.

Real Estate

You may opt to make a charitable contribution of a personal residence, farm, vacation home, commercial real estate, or land. There are various ways to make such arrangements and you may opt to maintain lifetime use of your personal residence. Speak to your advisors for up-to-date information on your options.

Diverse Assets: Works of Art, Securities, Certificates of Deposit, Bonds, and Other Assets

Consider your diverse assets. One or more of them might be right for a planned gift to the SRLF. Your donation will be put to use right after we receive it.

Other Options

Work with your adviser to create a charitable gift annuity, lead trust, or charitable remainder trust.

Information on planned giving for financial advisors(s).

Information general donations to the SRLF.