Donations of Books/CDs/DVDs

We cannot accept any book donations over the winter.
Please hold off until the Spring. Thank you.

The Library welcomes book donations. Books donated are re-sold at the annual Library Fair, which is scheduled for Saturday, June 13 2020. Proceeds from the Library Fair are used for the operating budget—computers, books, salaries, supplies, etc.

“We are thankful for book donations from the community,” said Library Director Jody Ford. “But we recently have had to update our procedures due to the large number of unsaleable books that have been coming in.” When books are moldy, dusty and damaged, we cannot sell them and we must discard them. Hiring a dumpster is costly, and so the need to cull and discard the increasing percentage of donations has cut significantly into the potential profits of the book sale. “More importantly, all donated books are sorted by volunteer community members, so we ask that donations be clean and free from mold, dirt and dust to safeguard them in their work.

“We are happy to accept books in excellent condition,” said Ford. “And we look forward to upholding the long tradition of the Book Tent, the Library Fair’s most popular feature.”

The Library asks that books in excellent condition be brought during library hours. Textbooks, encyclopedias, medical books and magazines are not included in the books sale and should be recycled by the owner along with other books that cannot be sold.  For information on municipal recycling centers: Marbletown Transfer Station, Town of Rochester Transfer Station.

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