CLIO’S MUSE – History Reading Club

Saturday, October 27
12:45pm in the Biography Room
The reading selection for October is  Lost Kingdom: Hawaii’s Last Queen, the Sugar Kings and America’s First Imperial Adventure by Julia Siler. Examines the nineteenth-century clash between the native Hawaiians and the expanding capitalist powers of America, Britain, and France, centering on Lili’uokalani, the last queen of Hawaii.
Born in 1838, she lived through the nearly complete economic transformation of the islands. Lucrative sugar plantations owned almost exclusively by white planters, dubbed the “Sugar Kings,” gradually subsumed the majority of the land. The monarchy had become a figurehead, victim to manipulation from the wealthy sugar-plantation owners. Upon ascending to the throne, Lili’uokalani was determined to enact a constitution reinstating the monarchy’s power but she was outmaneuvered and, in January 1893, U.S. Marines from the USS Boston marched through the streets of Honolulu to the palace. The annexation of Hawaii had begun, ushering in a new century of American imperialism.
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