HOLMES & CO. Mystery Lovers Book Group

Wednesday, February 20
3pm in the Activity Room
The reading selection for February is House Rules by Jodi Picoult. A young man with Aspergers syndrome, a type of high-functioning autism, Jacob Hunt likes routine and structure in his life. He also like forensics science to the point where he’s made it his life’s work, studying it continuously in a manner that would make Sherlock Holmes proud. For kicks, he sets up crime scenes for his family to study and deduce what happened. He’s comfortable in the routine of visiting his counselor and playing with corpses. That goes out the window when his counselor is found dead. The police in this book rival the Keystones. A detective asks to speak to Jacob, but forgets the basics of reading him his rights. They’ve found his thumb imprint on the some of the material at the scene of the crime and a report regarding the scene in his journal. At first it looks like this may be a part of his obsession, but Jacob freely admits that he moved the body of the counselor. However, none of it can be admitted since he hadn’t been Mirandized. Jacob is still put on trial for the murder until finally someone asks him why he moved the body. Definitely worth the read, mostly to see how the justice system treats those who don’t fit the label of normal.
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