HOLMES & CO. Mystery Lovers Book Group

Wednesday, May 15
4pm in the Activity Room
Our book for May is Some Danger Involved by Will Thomas. Nineteenth-century private detective Cyrus Barker teams up with Thomas Llewelyn, a young man with a murky past, to investigate the killing of a young scholar bearing a startling resemblance to artists’ renderings of Jesus Christ.
Wednesday, June 19
4pm in the Activity Room
Our book for June is Though Not Dead: a Kate Shugak novel by Dana Stabenow. The residents of Alaska’s largest national park are stunned by the death of one of their oldest members, 87 year old
Old Sam Dementieff, even private investigator Kate Shugak.  Sam was especially close to Kate, his niece, but even she is surprised to discover that in his will he’s left her everything, including a letter instructing her simply to, “find my father.”  Easier said than done, since Sam’s father is something of a mystery. An outsider, he disappeared shortly after learning about Sam’s existence, taking with him a priceless tribal artifact, a Russian icon.
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